Never suffer in silence, being alone…!

Never suffer in silence, being alone and not being heard by others! Have you ever been in the situation, where you have been mistreated? Are you uncomfortable in the work place, home, with your friends or family?

As a woman, we have all been in situations where men have made you feel uncomfortable simply by looking. Some men do it out of habit and some do it even without knowing. But in either case, the woman feels naked eventhough she wants to be treated equally.

As a man doing the lower jobs, some of the people mistreated you as your heart, body and soul were worth less than their only based on social level, didn’t they?

Unfortunatley, let’s face it – the world  is divided into two parts, the modern and the traditional, the old and the new.

Misbehaviour which is given to us by some other people, has different cause. Some of them have to feel better and in order to achieve it, they tend to put down other people around them. They don’t care if they hurt you, sometimes it makes them even happy to see somebody suffers as they feel more powerful over you.

The worst thing we can do is suffer inside us and keep the anxiety there. In order to have a happy heart and soul, we as human beings, need to take it out, express what we feel, share it with others, sometimes even shout to release bad energy given by the offender and accumulated inside us.

Has this type of mistreating happened to you? How did you manage it? Did you overcome your fear of stepping out of your comfort zone and saying it aloud? Do you need somebody’s help in it?

Please write us a comment on our website, facebook or youtube channel.

Below, you can see a short film initiative in collaboration with Bombay Diaries conceptualised by Anupama Ahluwalia of Lin Productions.


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